Elcurrency is a cryptocurrency trading platform where you can trade on different kinds of digital currencies and generate as much profit as you can with the help of our experience and services. Join us in our journey and be part of our prosperous team. Our company was founded at the early stage of cryptocurrency industry, and has grown together with it.
Our Goal
Our team is constantly working and improving the spectrum of services for our clients, most important of them are:

• The safest platform
• All the essential knowledge
• 24/7 assistance in all kinds of questions
• Different types af assets to trade.
Our Advantages
• Great trading conditions
• Superior and smart trading tools
• Multiple account types
• Safe and secured Platform
Our Strategy
We use data collected from reliable sources, so our trading signals and strategies are always profitable and coming on-time.
All our brand is a united system of well-developed and designed tools for your success.




Why Us?

• Elcurrency has secured and safe multi-layered structure
• Elcurrency has cryptocurrency trading options
• Our team is highly trained and experienced
• Educational trading
• Exchange services
• Full management of trading accounts
Arbitrage Units /
Multiple Currencies Trading

Bitcoin is just one of numerous digital currencies available. It is well-known fact that the number of different types of digital currencies is growing faster than expected. And together with that, the number of trading opportunities is growing!
It would be unfair to make some trading borders for our clients and to make them choose the one exact currency for them to trade. This would cause the huge amount of missed trading opportuninties regarding other cryptocurrencies. That is why we developed the cryptocurrency trading platform which allows to trade on up to 20 different cryptocurrencies. No need to open several accounts for each currency or to make several investments. All you need is just one account for all the trading assets.

In case You like trading yourself, our site and trading platform will for sure meet all your demands. You will find everything required for succesful and profitable trading-education page to get theoretical knowledge; economic calendar to get awsome trading signals and user-friendly trading platform itself, to put theory into practise and gather profits immediately.
Managed Accounts

Meet a totally new and profiting way of earning money on cryptocurrencies. Managed account – is a kind of account, when your cash is set into the market and traded all the time, bringing profit slowly but steadily. For such an account, the base sum required for deposit is 20,000 USD or equivalent in BTC.
Quality Support

All our clients are always safe as their accounts are secured with the highest level of protection. To achieve this goal we use professional experts’ analytics and performance. We do our best to provide our customers with deep assurance in our services and support. Our priority is to give our clients the possibility to benefit from the experience of our professional experts who are fully aware of BTC’s buying and selling strategies and techniques.