Improve your results by educating yourself to trade successfully

What is Elcurrency?

Elcurrency is the web based Crypto-currencies trading platform which accepts and allows to trade on different kinds of digital currencies. The platform allows you to buy or sell bitcoins, and other types of digital currencies. Investors on the platform use these bitcoins to trade and to gain even more income.

How can I invest in my account?

To make an investment you may use your credit or debit card. Also Bank wires will allow you to make an easy and fast account replenishment. The AML, or Laws of anti-money laundering policies have strict laws on what can and can’t be used. Bank wires are the most secure way for investment, and that is why it is the most popular. You should make bank wire in USD, GBP or EUR. In addition to it, a great advantage to you is having your own BTC wallet-you may make an investment from here straightly to Elcurrency account. This will take seconds and you will start trading immediately.

Must I have Bitcoin or other Crypto-currency before investing?

You don’t need bitcoins necessary to start the trading with us. You don’t need to have other crypto-currencies to begin either. You can invest in crypto-currency which is enrolled to your account with USD, GBP, or EUR. Your cash deposit means the value of Bitcoins on your account in future.